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Recycled Poly

$310.00 USD


Light as gossamer, airy as a summer breeze, this all-silk ankle length robe will turn heads whether worn over a swimsuit or styled with statement accessories at a laid-back soiree. With a loose, flowy drape and a delicate snakeskin pattern, it fits and flatters every body while making an elegant impression.

Model is 5’11” / 180 cm.


Hand wash with cold water and neutral soap. Once the garment is washed, squeeze it gently to drain the water. Lay it out on a dry towel and roll it up to finish removing excess water. Lay the garment horizontally in the shade or in an airy environment. Never hang it, which could cause stretching and wear to the delicate fabric.


Do not use bleach. Do not twist or rub. Do not leave to soak. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Wrinkle free.

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