American In Paris Spring 2024 Highlights


Brands & Pieces We're Currently Obsessing Over: Available Exclusively In-Store


Mola Accessories

Helmed by Daniela Barbague who I discovered several years ago, these statement pieces are made in Buenos Aires.

Inspired by mysticism, feminine energy, and divinity, Daniela’s  pieces are sculptural creations, incorporating crystals, metals, hand painted illustrations, & words of inspiration on jewelry, hats, and accessories.

We love her work so much that we’ve just launched a collection of vintage-inspired lacquer evening bags that I designed with her.    




Eva Franco Prints:
A Los Angeles-based designer and dear friend to American In Paris, Eva’s designs are inspired by global travel, something we have in common.
As a textile designer, she dreams up the most whimsical and flirty, playful prints.
We just showed her spring collection at the store and will be receiving a selection of pieces in a few weeks from her new “Wags & Tails” and “Serengeti” collection.








Blue Sheep Linen Sets:

Another young Argentinian label, Blue Sheep is dedicated to three important missions:  producing domestically instead of outsourcing, using natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, & leather, and offering a broad range of sizes and colors.

We are loving their linen matched blazer and skirt sets - a perfect match for the impending heat and humidity.




American In Paris Alex Dress & Silk Leisure Sets:
Our own label carried in-store, I designed these items for the sartorial woman on-the-go.
The Alex dress is a simple shirt dress from the front, but from the back, a bit of hardware cinches the waist slightly to give shape. Available in solid colors, stripes, and checks and with varying options of hardware.
Our silk leisurewear sets are wrinkle-proof and can also seamlessly be dress up or down by swapping out footwear and accessories. Available in a variety of styles.







Stella Torres Macrame:

Known for hand-made macrame, crochet and knits, every single piece from this Colombian brand is hand-knit and unique.

Bold jewel tones and rich metallics are eye-catching in every silhouette (from batwing sleeved sweaters to fringe-trimmed shawls) and make the perfect spring transitional piece.  This new silver sleeveless dress is begging to be taken out!




All skin tones

American In Paris Sunny Legs

A body moisturizer and correcting product. Inspired by summers in Rio de Janeiro and tan legs sticking out from shorts or skirts, I developed this product out of necessity!

I had just moved to London from Los Angeles and during that first spring, my legs were a bit too pale for my liking. I worked with a professional makeup artist to develop a transfer proof product that would impart a subtle tan and glow and to be universally flattering for all skin tones.

Like a tinted moisturizer for legs, it’s transfer-proof and won’t turn you orange. Pop by the store to try it out, or purchase one here




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